Let's Talk America with Host Shana Thornton Podcast 

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Recent Reviews of the Award-Winning Radio Talk Show...

"The phenomenal and highly accomplished Shana Thornton has made a global impact with the hit radio show Let's Talk America With Host Shana Thornton! Her platform has given me an unprecedented outlook to soar beyond boundaries. I salute Shana Thornton for being a World Changer!”

~Paula Edwards 

Award Winning Poet

"It is women like Shana Thornton that make me want to be the best example I can be for young women. Let's Talk America With Host Shana Thornton is like chicken soup for our social consciousness. Shana's show seeks to feed and nourish Americans from all walks of life in a way that food simply cannot. It makes you want to think deeper and serves as an educational tool for all those with a listening ear."

~Candiace Dillard
Miss United States 2013

"Shana is a journalist's interviewer. She has an infectious enthusiasm and curiosity about your subject, which engages the viewer. She also has a talent for setting up questions in such a way to let the subject shine. I'll gladly be on her show any time!"

~Sarah Elizabeth Richards 

Award Winning Journalist

"Her infectious energy and joy made me feel very comfortable and transparent, as I recounted some difficult life experiences from my heart.  Shana skillfully led me through the key elements of my story and most importantly gave me opportunity to share my lessons learned with the viewers.  Thank you Shana for sharing your God given gifts with us!"

~James Marr

Popular Author & Speaker